ART*394*11 Description

SpTp: Bodies, Borders & Shrin

SpTp: Bodies, Borders & Shrinking Space: Visual Maps & Enacted Drawings. This is a topic-oriented, multi-media studio course to include both independent and collaborative working methods. Students will explore strategies for visually mapping space using varied forms of engagement such as drawings on paper, digitally designed media, videos and the 'mapping' of space through enacted-movement drawings. Students research and create maps using self-selected visual methods to study and learn about the complexities of contemporary perspectives concerning borders, body politics, and shrinking space. In an increasingly connected world, how does the way we consider real, imagined, or virtual space affect our geographic movements, including the power structures that allow or prohibit these movements? Readings by contemporary geographers and artists such as Doreen Massey, David Harvey, Paul Virilio and Trevor Paglen are required. Independent research and development of studio work is expected. This course seeks to better understand space, body politics and visual maps through visual art practices. Inter-disciplinary approaches, and students from non-art majors welcome. PRE-REQS: 251, any Intermedia, or permission of instructor Must have taken ART*251,ART*261,ART*271,ART*281 or ART*291