ART*394*12 Description

SpTp: Art as Inquiry

This is an interdisciplinary course where students are asked to see art less as an aesthetic product and more as a process of inquiry. Making art becomes a mechanism to explore the world. Over the course of the semester, students develop areas of interest they want to research and ultimately make visual art informed by what they uncover. Students can draw on any field or area of interest: science, math, psychology, religion, current affairs, poetry, politics, etc. Following their own instincts and line of questioning they are encouraged to devise unconventional, open-ended visual art solutions. This process of asking, researching, and following the conceptual and aesthetic breadcrumbs of their interests leads them to the final art projects. Precedents for art as an inquiring process will be studied through lectures, readings, videos, research projects, and other class activities. PRE-REQS: 251, any Intermedia, or permission of instructor Must have taken ART*251,ART*261,ART*271,ART*281 or ART*291