EDU*311*10 Description

Human Geography

The Human Geography course emphasizes the importance of geography as an analytical tool to further our understanding of the cultural variations amongst humans. The course introduces students to the importance of spatial organization within the human landscape-the location of places, people, and events, and the connections among places and landscapes-in the understanding of human life on Earth. Geographic concepts emphasized throughout the course are location, space, place, scale, pattern, regionalization, and globalization. These concepts are basic to students' understanding of spatial interaction and spatial behavior, the dynamics of human population growth and movement, patterns of culture, economic activities, political organization of space, and human settlement patterns, particularly urbanization. Cultural concepts emphasized throughout the course are ethnicity, language, and religion. These concepts are essential to the understanding of human behavior throughout the world and knowing where these concepts are in conflict is also basic to comprehending some of the primary reasons for struggle and stress within various regions around the world.