ENG*342*10 Description

Children's and Adolescent Literature

The purpose of this course is to survey a wide variety of contemporary children's and young adult texts with specific focus on multilingual, multicultural, and multiethnic literatures that treat constructions of race and ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, religion, and power structures. In order to develop an understanding and appreciation of these literatures through reading and studying their characteristics and distinct qualities, we take our cue from various scholars of children's and young adult literatures, imagining ourselves joining an ongoing, intellectual conversation about the topics and texts we encounter in this course. While we will certainly examine multiple aspects of these disciplines, avenues of inquiry will principally concern the ways in which authors of color complicate questions of identity by creating characters and contexts that engage with interrogations of origins and the formations of cultural or racial communities for a children's or adolescent audience. By the end of the semester, students should have a working knowledge of the field of children's and adolescent literatures, understanding how and why these texts in particular resist, revise, and affirm.