ENV*141*10 Description

Introduction to Earth Science: Atmosphere, Ocean and Environment with Laboratory

This course examines processes and features that characterize the Earth's surface. The course focuses on the major Earth systems of land (lithosphere), air (atmosphere), and water (hydrosphere) and explores how these systems evolve and interact through geologic time. Examples include studying global air circulation and its effect on weather, examining links between ocean currents and global climate, and exploring how stream processes help to shape landscape. The role of plate tectonics in driving the exchange of matter and energy between Earth's systems is also a central theme. The course is designed to provide the necessary scientific and intellectual background for understanding a wide range of Earth phenomena, and to give students a greater appreciation for the natural environment. Includes three lecutre hours per week plus lab. Prerequisite: Physics 140. Student must have taken PHY 140 or ENV 140 or be an ENV major