FRS*302*10 Description

Advanced French II

A sequence designed to deepen the student's skills reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Journalistic, cultural, and literary readings about contemporary French life serve to develop the student's ability to analyze texts and to write clearly and persuasively in varied forms, such as teh resume, analysis, commentary, description, and short narrative. Class discussion aims at stimulating fluent and spontaneous use of spoken French. The course includes insturction in phonetics as a guide to correct pronunciation as well as multimedia cultural activities intendedto improve the student's linguistic and cultural knowledge. The course prepares the student for upper-level literature and civilization courses and for study abroad in a Francophone country. Prerequisite: FRS 202, appropriate placement score, or permission of the instructor. FRS 302 may be taken before FRS 301. Student must have taken/be taking FRS*202 or test into 300 level