GEN*312*10 Description

The Contemporary Francophone World

Given in English, this course provides an introductory historical and cultural study of the contemporary Francophone world. Designed as a survey of the non-European Francophone world, students will study literary and cultural documents from Canada, the Caribbean and North Africa. Initially students will be provided tools for cultural interpretation via critical texts, media analysis (including print and Internet sources) and the analysis of Francophone films; they will then apply them to the cultural history of the Francophone world. We will explore French colonization, the process of decolonization, and subsequent independence movements. We will examine social, political, and economic roles of both women and men, changing gender roles, and contemporary divisions of labor. Finally, we will reflect on the political, historical, and socio-cultural situations of postcolonial francophone nations and what it means to write in French for authors today. This course satisfies the distribution requirement in Humanities, and can count towards the French major and minor if the response papers, mid-term exam, and final project summary are written in French. It is cross-listed with both Black Studies and Gender Studies and can count towards the major and minor in International Literature and Culture, as well as International Studies.