HPS*394*11 Description

SpTp: Tequila Gang: Mexico

This class provides a multidisciplinary discussion on the history, the culture, and the civilization of Mexico. The course is a survey of pre Columbian and colonial Mexico but it has an emphasis in the modern and the contemporary eras. We will approach Mexico from different perspectives such as history, politics, philosophy, art, literature, cinema, sports, traditions, the environment, and food. Students will be required to do independent research, presentations, and vigorous reading and writing. The goal is to collectively create a more nuanced understanding of this intriguing yet problematic country. This course satisfies the distribution requirement in Humanities, and can count towards the HPS major and minor if the papers are written in Spanish. It is cross-listed with Gender Studies and can count towards the major and minor in International Literature and Culture, Gender Studies, and International Studies.This class is taught in English.