PSY*410*10 Description

Neuroscience Research Methods

A critical component of the drug discovery process are the pre-clinical animal studies on the effects of novel candidate compounds. Many innovative animal models and behavioral paradigms have been developed to identify drugs with therapeutic psychoactive properties, e.g., anxiolytics, antipsychotics, and antidepressants. In this research methods course, students will employ both rodent and zebrafish animal models to identify potential neuroprotectant and nootropic drugs. In addition to behavioral assessment of candidate compounds, students will also learn to employ histological means to assess the effects of neuroprotectants in the brain. There will be one mid-term examination, one required research report and a formal oral research presentation. The research projects completed during the course of the semester may lead to a co-authored publication and/or conference presentation as well as provide the basis for future SCE projects. NRM is a required course for students in the behavioral neuroscience concentration and may be of interest to students who are contemplating a career in medicine or pharmaceutical research. Student must have taken/be taking PSY*209, MAT*109, or BUS*109