ANT*109*10 Description

Intro to GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be found throughout our modern society. Programs such as MapQuest and Google Earth have brought this technology into the lives of many citizens of our world. More advanced software systems such as ArcGIS are being used in academia, business, and government to manage large datasets of spatially-linked information and provide the users with powerful analytic tools. The course lectures will review the fundamental theories of GIS and will also focus on the various organizational and ethical issues that impact the implementation and sustainability of GIS in our society. The lab portion of the course will teach the student how to operate the ArcGIS ArcView Desktop software product. Objectives for both the course lecture and lab section have been listed below. Introduction to GIS will be taught as a blended course, which means that online content will be used to supplement the course. The online content will not replace the traditional lecture and lab components of the course, but is instead meant to enhance the content, and allow for materials to be available outside of class time. Content will be reviewed prior to attending class, which will provide time for discussion, clarification, and problem solving during class time. All course materials along with lab assignments, quizzes, and exams will be managed in our innovative Moodle virtual learning environment. There will be little paper handed out or turned in during this class. You will receive a special user name and password to access Moodle.