BIO*311*10 Description

Neurobiology with Lab

This course will present an overview of the field of neurobiology. We will discuss the structure and components of the nervous system, the development of the nervous system including early events that specify neuronal cells and processes required for neuronal migration and function. In addition, we will examine the methods of communication within the nervous system and include and overview of some of the sensory systems that relay environmental cues for processing in the CNS. We will explore the general maintenance and repair within the nervous system. As well as explore topics of neurological diseases/disorders via student presentations. The purpose of this laboratory is for you to become familiar with the neuroanatomy as well as experimental techniques used in the field of neuroscience both by hands on experience and reading/presenting journal articles. The laboratory is designed to help you to develop your skills in carrying out experiments and analyzing/presenting experimental data. Three hours lecture and three hours of lab each week. Prerequisite(s): BIO 111, BIO 112, and one 200 level BIO course