ENV*311*10 Description

Field Methods in Environmental Science

This class leads students through the process of being a field researcher. Field research starts with background research on a topic, asking questions about that topic, forming a hypothesis, setting up a sound experimental or observational study design, executing the study, analyzing the data, and then communicating the findings through writing to the larger scientific audience. Additionally, issues always arise with field research, and this class will learn to troubleshoot these issues. Together, the students within the class become a research team for the semester through two collaborative research projects. Additionally, other research methods are demonstrated through labs throughout the semester. Field topics include variability of rainfall, stream water quality, groundwater, and river water quality. Must have taken/be taking ENV*101 and BIO*112,CHE*112 or PHY*112 Prerequisite(s): ENV 101, ENV 141, and two of the following: BIO 112, CHEř112, PHY 112