FYS*101*17 Description

First-Year Seminar

This first year seminar assumes that there is such a phenomenon as social justice and conversely that social injustice exists. Given society's dynamic nature and the obscure manifestations of injustice, a condition of social justice is not easily obtainable; nor does working for social justice have a fixed end. The first year seminar goal is to develop the ability to identify social injustice, address it within various settings, and take actions to create change leading toward social justice. While scholars understand the vast range of theoretical constructions and frameworks that may be covered in a course on social justice, for this particular seminar we will be studying a wide array of structures of inequality in society. Students will be encouraged to think critically and expansively about the social world and the conditions of humanity. Learning in the seminar will be facilitated through readings, field trips, video clips, social media, guest speakers, student presentations, class discussions of current events, and other relevant course assignments. As part of Washington College's First Year Seminar requirement, students in this course will dedicate a considerable amount of time in enhancing their skills of writing, researching, revision, critical discussion, and presentation. In addition, students will develop both their information management and collaborative learning skills.