FYS*101*22 Description

First-Year Seminar

As Heraclitus said, "The only thing that is constant is change." The first semester of college can definitely reflect this but temporal, spatial, psychological, and emotional flux is all around us. At times, it can be a bit overwhelming. This course will use literature from around the world as a lens through which to explore what it means to change and the different ways one can change. Furthermore, we will focus on how change is effected (or prevented) by gender, class, and ethnicity. To accomplish this we will read fiction and non-fiction from a wide selection of authors ranging from the Brothers Grimm and Angela Carter to James Joyce and l thi diem thy. A primary focus of the class will be on the transformation of the students' own writing. Using an iterative process of reading, writing, discussion and revision, students will analyze the relationship between good writing and clear thinking. Throughout a range of writing assignments that culminate in a research paper students will demonstrate their ability to close read a range of texts as well as enter into conversations with various critical viewpoints. Appropriate MLA citation and documentation will also be discussed.