FYS*101*26 Description

First-Year Seminar

Diagnosis of mental illness has increased dramatically over the past four decades. Why is this the case? Are we doing all we can do manage it? What can we learn from history, and from other cultures, about how to better channel the unique, challenging and sometimes-brilliant symptoms of neurological disorders such as schizophrenia, ADHD, autism and depression? In this course, we will research the changing definitions of mental illnesses over time in our own society, and examine the impact of such disorders on world history. We will also compare and contrast diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in cultures around the globe. Through assigned readings, classroom discussion, and independent research, we will work together to develop both written essays and presentations about mental illness today. In the end, students will become more comfortable with college level critique and argumentation as well as the writing styles that are used to address fascinating and critical issues that impact the world.