FYS*101*30 Description

First-Year Seminar

Just what is gluten anyway? Why and how would we ever eliminate fat from our diet? Why would you ever need to carbo-load? And what, really, are those unpronounceable ingredients listed on the labels of processed food? Our society is becoming increasingly obsessed with discussing healthy food options. But as the health food revolution continues to grow, so does the number of questions we have about what to eat. As this debate becomes more complex, perhaps it's time to get to know our food better. In this course, we will investigate the science behind our food. We will examine the basic chemical components that comprise a typical meal. We will collect data to understand what is in our food and happens when our food is cooked, cooled, blended, preserved, genetically altered and combined with other ingredients. This data will be used to draw conclusions about the nature of food and unlock the mysteries of the food label. Research, writing, and presentation skills will be honed by doing innovative projects about what draws us to the dinner table every day.