HMN*494*11 Description

SpTp:Europe in Age of Revoltn

The French revolution was one of the most momentous political events of modern world history. It ended an era of kings and aristocrats-a social and political order based on privilege-and sought to replace them with an order based on reason and popular sovereignty. Although it did not always succeed in its goals, and although Napoleon's attempt to impose a new order on the rest of Europe by force failed, the French revolution nevertheless unleashed a wave of sympathetic movements across the Continent. At the same time, Europe was experiencing an unprecedented economic transformation-the industrial revolution-that dramatically accelerated social and political changes around the world. This course will examine the interaction of these revolutions in Europe between the 1780s and 1850s. Students will have regular readings of historical narratives, primary sources, and fictional accounts of the era. In addition to short writing assignments related to readings, students will conduct independent research on a related topic of their choosing, to be presented to the class in an oral presentation toward the end of the semester.