ILC*318*10 Description

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Ed

This course is an examination of contemporary cultural and linguistic diversity within the United States educational environments. Special attention is given to cultural problems and issues that influence opportunities and performance in educational institutions. The basic premise of the course is that teachers play an important role in creating a positive classroom learning environment and bringing school success, especially for English language learners. In this course, students will be supported to develop essential dispositions, skills, and knowledge to fulfill this important role while exploring the issues of culture, language, learning contexts, and pedagogy. Students will study these four major course topics through course readings, class discussions, and cultural explorations of our own and others' cultures while engaging in individual, social, and experiential learning opportunities together. Students will develop understandings of the impact of culture, cultural diversity, immigration, migration, colonialism, and power on language policy and on students currently learning English as a Second Language.