PED*047*10 Description

Personal Training Certification

The Washington College Physical Education Department has partnered with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to offer a certified personal trainer course. In this 2-credit, seven week course students will follow a structured, accelerated learning of human movement system, fitness assessment, integrated training theory & application, design of fitness programs, nutrition & exercise, lifestyle coaching, and professional development all in the hopes of becoming a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer (NASM-CPT). Note: Taking the course does not guarantee a personal training certification. Student must schedule and pass the NASM-CPT exam at a certified testing center outside of Washington College. An additional fee of $549.00 is required for this course. This fee covers the Textbook, study guide, online content, practice exams and NASM-CPT Exam. (Exam must be taken at a certified testing center - PSI/LaserGrade facility - Along with two classes per week, students will participate in a 1 hour lab component each week. NASM is one of the premier health and fitness organizations in the world today, and is one of the most widely accepted certifications in the health and fitness industry. For more information visit