Colleague Services

Services available include:
Advising Options
  • Web Advisor
  • Incoming 19/FA Students
  • Student Photos
  • Please use Self Service to view current advisee information

  • Click Here to see Team Rosters

    Budget Options
  • Use Self-Service to View Your Budget

    Campus Directories
  • Online Directories
  • Campus Fax Numbers
  • Emergency/Other Important Numbers
  • Emeriti Faculty
  • Restricted Student/Parent Directory

    Course Information (Past)
    Grading Options
  • Dean's Office - View Midterms (19/SP)
  • Midterm Progress Reports
  • Directions for Midterm Progress Reports

    Housing Info
  • Click Here to see Housing Information
  • 19/FA Housing Information
  • 19/SP Housing Information
  • 18/FA Housing Information
  • 18/SP Housing Information
  • 17/FA Housing Information
  • 17/SP Housing Information
  • 16/FA Housing Information
  • 16/SP Housing Information
  • 15/FA Housing Information
  • Older Housing Statistics
  • Fall Housing History
  • Spring Housing History

    Payroll Services
  • Supervisor leave balances - we are developing this replacement, in the interim, please contact HR to obtain leave balances for your staff

  • Click Here for Employee Leave Requests and Nonexempt Time sheets