Special Course Descriptions

ENG 303 10 The Seventeenth Century
Professor Moncrief
Early modern England saw an enormous range of popular printed materials-- many types of poetry, prose, and drama of course, but also pamphlets, ballads, broadsides, sermons, conduct books, medical manuals, domestic guides, woodcuts, and more-- available for public consumption. This course will examine a diverse range of .literary. (Shakespeare, Jonson, Middleton, Donne, Herrick, Herbert, Marvell, Milton, etc.) and .non-literary. texts in relation to seventeenth-century culture. Class discussions-- with significant contributions from student research-- will explore print materials of the seventeenth century as products/producers of a changing culture through the consideration of cultural topics including but not limited to: politics, monarchy, authority and revolution, the city, urbanization, voyage and .discovery,. nation and national identity, religion and spirituality, imagination and identity.