Special Course Descriptions

PSY 410 NRM: Human Neuropsychology
Prof. Littlefield

NRM: Human Neuropsychology (counts as a clinical/counseling lab course or a biological lab course for those in the clinical/counseling concentration) The perfect marriage of clinical psychology, neurology, and behavioral medicine, Human Neuropsychology is based on the science of brain-behavior relationships and strives to non-invasively measure functional strengths and weaknesses in people. Through this course, students will gain theoretical knowledge of the brain.s inner workings, will learn practical clinical assessment skills, and will appreciate the need for rehabilitation treatment teams. Major neurological disorders caused by strokes, tumors, seizures, and traumatic brain injury will be covered, with students completing an individual project on an additional neurological disorder of their choice. Group experimental projects will employ cognitive neuropsychological testing techniques with the college population.