Special Course Descriptions

Prof. Rubin

Students learn how to visually express the nature of a specific character, how that character relates to the world of the play, how costumes can express what a play means, and how costumes for an entire production can create a unity of style among all the costume designs as well as relate to the scenery and lighting of a production. The course will include designing costumes for a number of plays from various periods in order to learn how to do research, draw and paint designs on paper, present designs for a production, and make a costume plot.

DRA/GEN/AMS 494 10 SpTp: Girls on Top:Plays by Wm
Prof. Maloney

In 1910, Rachel Crothers wrote a play that forced the issue of a single standard of morality for women and men onto the public stage. Within a year, a prominent male playwright felt compelled to rush a rebuttal onto the stage, attempting to validate the traditional and .natural. order of male supremacy, and to prove once and for all that this is indeed .A Man.s World.. Crothers.s was the better play and the better argument. In the decades that followed, an impressive list of women playwrights took up the charge, challenging every aspect of male dominated American theatre. The focus of this course is on twelve of those American women playwrights. Reading includes plays, critical analyses, and critical biographies. Course assignments are three five-page papers and one in-class presentation.