Special Course Descriptions
Modern Languages

FLS 101 10 Elementary Latin I
Professor Walsh

Designed to develop basic reading proficiency in Latin. Emphasis will be placed on the fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Students will also be introduced to classical literature, mythology, history, and culture. Three class meetings and one laboratory session per week. There are no prerequisites.

HPS 494 10/GEN 494 11
Course Title: I Am No Angel: Post-Franco Literature Written by Women
Professor Cristina Casado Presa

As M.J. Mayans Natal points out in her study "La mujer espanola: Imagen, realidad y leyenda" literary representations throughout the centuries reflect the belief that the aspirations of the Spanish women must be subordinated to the roles of "la madre, la santa, la virgen, la mujer recatada, la prudente." This course explores representative literary works written by women after General Franco's death. In this moment of political change a significant tendency is the emergent depiction of female characters that show a clear self-consciousness and express fully their thoughts, emotions and desires. Throughout the course we will examine poems, short stories and plays that allow us to consider the possibility of the production of new ideologies at a moment in which new models of "la mujer espanola" coexist and come into conflict with the old ones.