Special Course Descriptions

ART 394 15 SpTp: Pictures and Words, T, 7-930pm, Lit. House (limit is 8)

Words can be used to tell a story one way; images possess a different type of narrative potential. Together, they present a broader range of possibilities than either one alone. The combination of word and image is often associated with children's books, comics, and graphic novels'contexts in which words and pictures work in tandem to tell a single story, the images often subordinate to the written narrative. This course will push that dynamic, exploring the possibilities of merging words and pictures in a literary context by giving equal weight to both-or by seeing what happens when the authority of words is subverted by image. Creative work will be conducted with an emphasis on collaboration. The space between two minds and two aesthetics yields a tension that can contribute to the humor, depth, and resonance of a work. The class of eight will be broken into four writer/visual artist pairings; over the course of the semester, each pair will complete (and physically produce) an illustrated book. The course will culminate in a group reading/presentation of finished works open to the Chestertown community. Following a few weeks of introductory readings, exercises, and discussions, the course will be workshop-based, with time devoted to pair and group interaction. The class will also focus on the technical details of bookmaking: planning, pacing, layout, and production. Familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite will be helpful but not required. Enrollment limited to 8 (four writers and four visual artists). NOTE: Those admitted to the course will be required to complete a creative exercise over winter break, to be turned in the first day of class.

PREQUISITES: ART 251 (for artists) and (ENG 103) for writers.