Special Course Descriptions
Physical Education

PED 220-10 T'ai Chi/Qigong Sustainable Energy
Wayne McGuire

Class emphasizes the Classic Universal Principles of Tai Chi, common to all styles of Tai Chi, it is an infinitely ongoing study suitable for all skill levels, providing a comprehensive fundamental foundation students can apply to every minute of every day: at work, at home, at play, sitting, standing or walking, even sleeping. Qigong(pronounced CheeKung)is literally "Energy Skill" and is the basis of all Tai Chi and traditional internal arts. Tai Chi is a type of Qigong. Through 14 flowing Qigong exercises, and two still postures, we learn to integrate the principles of balance and unity in mind and body, attitude and posture. The benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi are well documented, but are best experienced, as each student will find their own Tai Chi with time and practice. The system we study is called Wuji Jing Gong Chan Se Qigong & Tai Chi, from an ancient lineage rare in the U.S. It translates as "Empty,Calm, Spiraling Skill". Tai Chi Chuan is the supreme art of self defense, but most practice for the health benefits and increased awareness and energy. Two books are required reading and available at WAC bookstore: "Answers to common Tai Chi Questions", and "Wuji Qigong", both by Master William Ting. He is the only Tai Chi Master from this lineage in North America, and our instructor is one of ten teachers in the world approved by Master Ting to teach Wuji Qigong. More info and Instructional aide DVD's of are available on Master Ting's Website, www.silvertigertaichi.com