Special Course Descriptions

HIS 394-10: Comparative Colonial Encounters
Prof Ken Miller

This seminar will examine encounters between native, European, and African peoples in North America during the initial centuries of colonization. Situating the American colonies within a broader Atlantic World and taking a comparative approach, we will investigate processes of cultural conflict, exchange, negotiation, adaptation, and transformation.

HIS 394 12:The Stalin Era in Russia

This course will trace the rise of Joseph Stalin to leadership of the Soviet Union in the 1920s to his death in 1953. We will examine the ruthless political struggles that brought Stalin to unquestioned personal dictatorship, the gargantuan industrialization program, the Great Terror of the mid-1930s, the epic confrontation with Nazi Germany, and the dawn of Cold War and return to terror in the postwar era. Students will conduct research on a topic of their choosing in this field.

Prerequisite: One year in introductory sequence in history required. This course is especially recommended for students interested in joining the summer '09 trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg with Professor Black.

HIS 494-11 Twentieth Century American Film

This course will present an introduction to the study of American films as historical documents that enrich our understanding of American social and cultural history. Films from a variety of genres and studios will be presented in chronological order from the 1920s through the 1990s. Classroom discussions and written assignments will link observations from the films and readings to historical themes and topics.